Eating a lot of only one food every day to lose weight is known as a fad diet; popular for a short time then soon forgotten. The fads of the moment range from tasty chocolate to bland cabbage soup. Are they he褐藻醣膠althy? As the saying goes: “Too much of a good thing”
  ——And記憶體rew Turner
  每天只吃大量單一的食物被認為是一種時尚的減肥飲食;這樣的時尚短暫流行一段時間之後就會被忘卻。當下正流行的減肥方法從可口的巧克力到清淡的蔬菜湯都有。這樣竹北房屋的減肥方法是否健康?有句話是這麼說的:“凡事適可而止。”  (原標題:The latest craze)


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